August 08, 2012

We brought our two-and-a-half year old Calico, Numa, to see Dr. Ginman after taking her to our regular vet’s office. She’d lost a lot of weight and wouldn’t eat or drink. The original lab work pointed toward fatty liver disease and after trying to reverse the disease by force-feeding and giving subcutaneous fluids for a week, she wasn’t getting any better. Her next lab work showed her bilirubin counts had increased and she was indeed jaundiced. Our vet then referred us to Dr. Ginman. He verified the diagnosis and immediately installed a feeding tube in her esophagus. For the next week we fed and gave her fluids through the tube and after only 5 days her condition had completely reversed. The jaundice was gone, she put on some weight and had started eating on her own despite the fact we were still tube-feeding her. We got the tube removed after 7 days and she’s been fantastic ever since. All her energy and personality has returned and it’s like getting to know her all over again. We feel like it’s nothing short of a miracle and would highly recommend Dr. Ginman and his capable staff to anyone with a pet needing specialty care. Thanks Dr. Ginman!

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